Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I found a blog that was interesting to sift through. The blog lists Christian celebrities and professional athletes. It is called Jesus Christ Superstars.

It is hard not to lift these professional athletes to a high level of faith just because we want to believe that our hero on the field can be our hero in the faith. I think as Christian athletes we want so badly to find that perfect stud athlete with a solid testimony, so we can show our teammates that it is cool to be a Christian. You must be careful. This is definitely something I'm learning right now writing this blog and pointing to so many different athletes who profess to be believers. I ask myself what if this dude isn't for real, and I'm promoting him or her as a "hero in the faith."

Christian athlete, your biggest hero should be Jesus. There will be many people in your life that will bless you, encourage you in the faith, and inspire you, and I don't think it is wrong to have a level of admiration and respect for them. Christian, don't be quick to claim a hero in your sport because of his or her wwjd bracelet or because they thanked Jesus after sinking the game winning 3 pointer. Also, don't forget that they are still men and women who will struggle with sin. Don't let your faith be devastated when they do fall in the public eye. Pray for those Christians that are in the spotlight, that their testimony would be strong, and their lives would be a witness to the greatness of our King.

One more IMPORTANT point, God is not dependant on stud Christian athletes to make Christianity look cool and therefor draw the lost to the Lord. God is the biggest and coolest stud you will find. If your friends see Jesus, that's enough. Pray that your friends would see a true picture of who Jesus is. Pray that God would let them see how amazing and how different He is than everything else in our life. He is the one hero that won't disappoint.