Monday, May 12, 2008

Tim Tebow's Prison Ministry

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This is what it's all about. God giving you talent, and you using that talent for His kingdom. I suggest reading the article.

Heisman provides Tebow broader audience for message of faith
By Mark Schlabach

In the four months since Tebow became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy, he has sought to spread his message of faith as far as possible. Winning college football's most coveted individual award has provided him with a broader audience.

"Because of my name recognition and because of who I am, I've been given an opportunity to go places where most other people can't go," Tebow said. "I can go into prisons and speak, and no one will say anything. I can go into schools and speak, and they'll love to have me. I can go to all these different places because of who I am as a football player. That's a platform the Lord has given me, and I think it's my responsibility to take advantage of it." read more