Thursday, May 8, 2008


I heard a great story today about an FCA staff member's father that just passed away this week. One of our staff members shared that he was getting mentored by this guy shortly after being saved.

He walked into the man's house and there were stickers all over the house on various pieces of furniture and appliances. The stickers had the letters IDBTM. He asked his mentor what the letters were. He said, "It doesn't belong to me."

What are the things that would crush you if they were taken from you? Your possessions are His. Your talents and abilities are His. Your athletic career is His. Your life is His. Your every second, minute, hour, day.

As a Christian we submit our lives to God's will. Athlete, read God's word, pray, and listen. Ask God to convict you of possessions that you are gripping too tightly. Ask God to align your desires with His will.

May I suggest putting the letters IDBTM on your spikes, wrist tape, glove, hat, or gloves.