Monday, March 24, 2008


Are you an athlete that is a Christian? or Are you a Christian that is an Athlete?

Which of these labels do you identify with?

The "athlete that is a Christian" probably goes to church, prays, reads the Bible, and is probably even known around the locker room as a Christian, but rarely takes the principles of Christianity onto the field or court. During the competition, this athlete looks pretty much the same as everyone else out there.

The "Christian that is an athlete" lives out his or her faith on the field. Integrity is on the mind, glorifying God is the heart's desire, the focus is God-given through prayer, the prayers are to be different (salt and light), the language is encouragement, the intensity is inspired by God, the style of play is unselfish, and the body language is a mixture of intensity and joy.

Unfortunately 17 of my 18 years of being an athlete I played as an "athlete who is also a Christian."